“What the History Books Won’t Teach You…”

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The worn, tattered books in the photo at the top of this blog reflect what history has had to say about the 1921 Tusla Race Riot – the absence of titles on the spines of the books says it all… NOT MUCH. Just as the torn books are in need of repair, so to the survivors of the 1921 Tulsa Race Riot are in need of reparations. Unlike other US citizens who have been compensated for terroists acts that have occur on US soil (the Japanese-Americans after WWII, 911 victims, Oklahoma City bombing), the Tulsa Race Riot survivors are still waiting. Many of the survivors could no longer wait on this earth for the justice that had long eluded them. But there are those who are still waiting to see justice prevail…BEFORE THEY DIE.


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8 responses to ““What the History Books Won’t Teach You…”

  1. bro2much

    The greatest act of domestic terrorism in American history. No one was punished, except the victims, no one has repaired the damage to the victims and the governments of this country,city, state and national have all made it clear that they have no intention of doing so either.
    At least, not Before They Die!

  2. Deborah LIVINGSTON

    I think the docmentary will begin to help the process of justice…”and the Truth shall set us free.”
    This time table is controlled by a Higher Power.

  3. V. Thomas

    When will this video be available so that we can spread the word and tell this story?

  4. McClarin

    There are many Tulsa’s in this country! I am so happy to know that this story will be told, I came across a video of this hateful act years ago. I do hope that I will be able to purchase this one too. America has so many stories left untold, for to tell the history of this country would show the world just how evil America has been to it’s own people since the white man set foot on this great land

  5. my69z

    It is truly,,,TRULY,,,amazing how this has been erased from american history.And also look at Mr.J.B. Stradford…although no longer with us…a true piece of this puzzle that imo should not be overlooked.

    His blood line will make your mouth drop……amazing things achieved,,,,and like so many other black achievements….not one word.

    Katrina in so,,,so many ways….mirrors this riot in some of the things that happened in the after math.

    No rebuilding funds reached the blacks….no royalties for the oil…

    * Drive-by shootings…..”blacks” right?,,,whites did these in the Tulsa aftermath.

    * Looting…..”blacks” right?,,,,whites looted stores for guns/ammo etc…

    * Shooting at firemen attempting to do thier jobs….”blacks” right?,,,,whites did this in the Tulsa aftermath.

    Another angle I look at too is,,,if any of the defiant blacks were red-black people….part Seminole,,,,Seminole Indians and blacks fought side by side in the swamps of Florida…alot of these blacks fled to Oklahoma in the 1840’s.

    Then again,,,,that’d make for another untold American story.



  6. Pat A.

    The statement made by McClarin “America has so many stories left untold, for to tell the history of this country would show the world just how evil America has been to it’s own people since the white man set foot on this great land.” Sends chills through my hands that I can hardly key in the words written by McClairin and read by… It is time for our stories to be told! There are many, many “Before They Die” stories that must be told!

    I pray that America will Right the Wrongs.

  7. I am a 8th grade social studies teacher and I have never heard of this story until just recently. The “Before they die” cast was at a local university in Gary,In and what I heard and saw was beyond what I could explain. The text that I am required to use for my class does not mention this riot at all! Am I suprised? Not really. We talk about building a house on a firm foundation but look at America. From the bottom up built on slavery, theft, deciet, greed, inhumane acts, all brushed under the rug. I showed the film to my 8th graders and they were in tears. We must teach them educators. Don’t let this peice of history go unsupported. We are going to petition our local government to move on this issue and with your help, we can take back what the enemy has taken from the survivors of the riot, African-Americans in general, and from the very history books that we are required to teach our young people with. Let’s move ladies and gentlemen…NOW!

  8. Not that I’m totally impressed, but this is more than I expected for when I stumpled upon a link on Delicious telling that the info is quite decent. Thanks.

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